Webcam Interview Tips

Technology isn't just changing the job market for people with careers in information technology - it's revolutionizing the way that we apply for positions and interview. In fact, webcam interviews are becoming increasingly common, particularly because they can save employers time and money when they need to interview candidates who live in different cities.

Dress professionally
As you would with an in-person interview, it is important to dress professionally when being interviewed via webcam. Men should wear suits, while women can wear blouses and blazers or office-appropriate dresses. The environment in which you interview can also have a bearing on your first impression, so make sure it is neat and businesslike - a blank wall is perfect.

Look at the camera
This may seem obvious, but it's important when interviewing via webcam that you actually look at the camera and not at your image on the screen. Maintaining eye contact is important during any interview, so take care not to appear distracted in any way.

Pay attention to body language
Working on your computer at home, you may be prone to slouching. Remember to sit up straight for your interview and maintain as natural body language as possible. You may want to practice by chatting with a friend via video and asking for constructive criticism.

Test your technology
Before your scheduled interview begins, make sure you test your webcam and wireless Internet to ensure that everything is working properly - the last thing you want is a technical glitch during your interview, particularly if you're applying for a position in information technology.

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